Sunday, October 9, 2011

Help Please! Punch card…

There is a new item on my fridge.  It is a behavior punch card.  It has been there for 5 days and it’s making big changes in my house.


I made these out of desperation when my kids were nagging each other to get their chores done because I had said they could watch a library movie after they were done.  It sounded horrible and was making me seriously grumpy, which is never a good start to any day, let alone a weekend day where it should be all fun and giggles. (Notice they sit next to our chore charts on the fridge.)


I quickly went into Word and printed out these punch cards on cardstock so that each of them had one.  The activity was aimed at Logan, who had been talking in this horrible tone to his siblings and would not follow any of their requests without parent intervention.  But the older kids decided they wanted one too. 


The rules are printed on the back.  They are very straight forward.  The one rule that is not on there is that you cannot petition a punch for yourself.  You must get one from someone else.  This works esp well when we are not here and Alex is babysitting.  I came home today from a quick trip to the library and the kids were raving about how great each other were and the wonderful ways in which they helped each other.  lol….

For treats, I went to Target and stocked up.  Just small, simple things that I don’t feel bad about giving them often.  Organic fruit snacks, mandarin orange cups, tiny boxes of yogurt covered raisins, glow sticks, and puzzles from the Dollar Spot to put in a basket for when they get their whole cards filled out.

Already the positive reinforcement is helping Logan have a better attitude.  :)  They can’t wait to earn more punches and are even helping each other get their efforts recognized.

I looked around the net for ideas that were similar to this:

~*~ This adorable punch card is for good deeds!~*~ (I totally would have used this had I seen it before I made mine!) 

~*~ This one was for TV time.  Another great idea! ~*~



Anonymous said...

love it! Stealing the ones from the link you posted. Love the new look of the site, BTW. <3

Anonymous said...

I like your
Help Please! Punch card… idea.
I am going to include it in my blog. Thanks Nick

Mark and Amy said...

I just had to stop and say that I love your simple living ideas. I look for a post on your blog every day!

Shari said...

I was at Val's this past week and the great part about this idea is that the kids decided to give Mom a card and the positive comments flowed until her card was 1 1/2 full! Mom got a glow stick. The kids were delighted. What a great idea! Grandma

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