Monday, October 17, 2011

Tis the season…

Nope.  Not the Christmas season… but the season of seasonal depression.  Yup.  I’ve got it too.

I wasn’t thinking I did.  But then I looked back on the past month and realized that I hadn’t taken any pictures during the three incredibly infrequent visits we have with family visiting from CA.  Not one.  I spent lots of time even at one venue, taking beautiful pictures of flowers and didn’t take pictures of my kids, or my visiting family.  Something is up with that.  Like slowly, over the last 45 days, the creativity has been sucked out of me.

It’s getting dark here.  It’s dark when I wake up to go workout and it’s dark by dinner time.  And when Daylight Savings hits it will just get worse, getting dark about 4:30pm.  And the rain!  It’s already been raining for three weeks.  I need to get outside more, but it’s hard with the baby and the rain.  Honestly I could make hundreds of excuses… but they are all just that.  Excuses.  My brain likes to make them this time of year, because my body is depressed and devoid of…. something. 

Time for the St John’s Wart and the Vitamin D.  Time for regimented daily walks whether it’s raining or not.  Time for gardening more than ever, and for art at the dining room table for the hour we get of direct sun in our NE facing house.  Time for warm soup for dinner and lowering screen time.  Time for winter routines that make us less prone to feeling like the dismal days outside have to be dismal inside too.  I have a plan in place, ready for action.  The punch cards were just the start of the lovefest I wanted to produce around here over the next few months.  But I need to get started earlier than I thought.  And I need to start with myself.



Tracey said...

I hear what your saying.. In Maine it gets dark pretty early and I can really wait for Daylight Savings Time... yuck!! I love your list of how to stay on top of this seasonal thing and am going to borrow your ideas.. thanks for talking about this subject.. I needed it!!!

Jill said...

Yup, it begins! Love your ideas to bring some cheer back into your life. And I think it is okay that the baby is an excuse. Babies are lovely, but HARD. Mamas give so much to babies and neglect themselves. This year is already seeming easier for me than last year now that the baby is a one-year-old! Thank you for talking about this subject. I can't wait to see more of your ideas! P.S. Left the barley out of the granola and it turned out great again! Yum!

Mark and Amy said...

Perhaps that's why I am having such a hard time doing my homework......Hmmm.

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