Friday, December 16, 2011

Design on a Dime - Seriously


It was my favorite show on HGTV (for the 6 months I had cable out of the last 15 years).  So much fun and good improvements made on modest budgets.  My kind of show!  $15,000 is really hard to get up and pay for anything short of a complete remodel…..  but $500?  Yep.  I could see spending that.  Winking smile


For me, the same is with holiday décor. I can’t spend money on it. At least not much. And anything I do get has to be able to be used again and again. The cones in the top left of this picture were filled with mums. I bought them in a moment of weakness. I really liked the shape and could think of tons of things to do with them. But whether I would was yet to be determined.  So when the mums were dead and gone, I asked Alex to collect fir branches from around the yard. That along with some branches from our holly tree next to the carport and an old ribbon saved from a package several Christmases ago and I have two of these horns of plenty hanging from my porch bringing Christmas cheer! I LOVE them!


For all of you who have been following our advent stuff… I will catch up.  I have all the pictures, I just am having a hard time finding the time to post anything that requires thought.  Two new teeth for the baby and a new living room for me (soon to be shared!) and I just didn’t have the brain power to sit down and write anything intelligent.  Thank you for your patience!  Blessings and love for this merry time of year!


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