Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of Beauty and Destruction - Part 2


















Most of the snow and ice are gone now.  Now is just the destruction.  And the clean up….


People call these branches “widow makers”.  I am not a fan of that term.



The sounds of trees breaking sounded like bombs going off.  That sound has now bee replaced by the sounds of tractors and chainsaws all over the neighborhood.   



This is our huge maple tree.  Half of it is in the neighbors yard. 


Then more huge branches are in our yard which landed on our shed and chicken coop (not a lot of damage aside from dents from what I can see.  We were lucky it fell straight down.)  I think this one may survive…  but we will just have to see.


I have been looking at the broken cherry for two days now and although it will never be the same, I think I may be able to save it with some strategic dramatic pruning.  It’s such a beautiful tree…  Here’s hoping!



Kelly said...

These pictures (some of them are beautiful, by the way) remind me of our freak snowstorm on Halloween weekend, when all the trees still had their leaves in PA / the northeast.

We lost so many trees and big limbs, and the breakin branches echoed like gunshots all around us! Glad you and your family are okay. I hope the cherry tree recovers!

Shirley said...

Glad that you guys are safe!

Laura said...

Good luck with the cherry tree, the photos are incredible sends chills down my spine.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed the posts posted here, congratulations for posting. I hope to have their visits on my blog too, with some Brazilian exotic places.

Unknown said...
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