Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today - 8:36am


I see: a baby following a large blue ball, a girl in pigtails, a boy in a bicycle shirt, birds out the window at the feeder we just filled, and a man-child getting ready to go get his drivers permit.

I hear: wind chimes going crazy outside and quietly in the background is this song:

I smell: Cooking oatmeal and fresh coffee.  Perfection!

I feel: warm cup in my hands, Charlotte Mason book on my lap, and laptop keys under my fingertips.

I taste: a hot almond milk latte

I am getting ready to: plan our school week while Don takes the kids to the zoo aquarium and then the dentist.

Outside: is stormy.  Wind is blowing hard.  The garden gate keeps slamming open and shut and it can shake the whole house.  Roses are scraping the walls outside our bedroom.

Hope you all have a blessed and simple day!


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~ an irish smile said...

love the post how you described all the senses! =o)

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