Saturday, June 2, 2012

A birds eye view & some baby mantis love


Chickens are in their summer coop at the back of the garden.  They are getting used to it slowly.  Sky (in the picture) is still not sure about how to get up and down from their perch.  When we put her in it took her about 20 minutes to get down.  We watched her through the vents at the top of the coop as all the other bitties jumped down and got to pecking and eating…. as she just watched.


But they are enjoying the fresh grass under their new coop.  I can’t let them out to graze right now with all my seedlings and baby greens.  They tend to eat them to the ground, rudely leaving nothing for their poor humans.  Winking smile

In homeschool we have been doing a lot of science this Spring.  We hatched baby mantis to eat our garden bugs and released them in the garden this morning.  They are SO tiny!!  Like 1/2 inch long and they are about a week old.  We have been feeding them fruit fly larvae and flightless fruit flies in their enclosure and I am really hoping they will have an easy time finding food in the great wide open.  I know they are tough critters and good hunters, but it seems at this stage they are so vulnerable!  We lost over 100 just from not knowing how to feed them. 


I let them go in the places I thought they would most likely find food.  Like the garden and the roses.  This one below is about a 1/4 inch from an aphid (the other side of the tiny rose bud it’s on) and after two hours it still hasn’t eaten it.  I hope it can find it when it’s still hungry!


Happy Gardening!!


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