Friday, June 8, 2012

In which, my external hard drive takes a dive and I proceed to decorate with cut flowers…

I am really bad with computers.  It seems as though I would be good with them since I have been blogging for 8 years and using computers nearly daily since.  However, I have mastered the things I need to master to do the things I love…. and pretty much ignored the rest.  So when a screen pops up and says I don’t have enough disk space to upload pictures anymore, I am completely at a loss as of what to do.  The thought pops into my head “back up external hard drive” and I try to grasp for the thought while searching frantically through my school closet.  When I find the hard drive I realize that the power cord is not with it.  After searching for hours I can’t find it.  And there I sit.  Powercordless, and completely unable to solve my problem.  All the wonderful thoughts for posts with beautiful pictures go flying out of my head in the frustration of the computer not doing what computers are supposed to do, and I am beaten.  The information behemoth has beaten me.  I’ll have to wait until my husband or brother can take care of some of it for me.  So for now I will have to settle for iPhone pictures to share my stories.  Which bugs me in the extreme… but it’s what I have to do for now.

On to the actual thing I wanted to share.  Since I got my mantel for Christmas I have kept it as updated and pretty as I can.  With spring attacking my yard with beautiful color this has been much easier to do!  My blue mason jars are constantly coming in handy to showcase beauty from the yard. 


Seriously, how lovely is that?  It’s all lilacs from my yard at the beginning of May.

This next one goes along with a baby shower that I would LOVE to share as soon as I can upload the pictures.  The whole theme was purple and white, so the stunning light purple lilacs next to the mini orchard worked beautifully!


Then came the warm weather, and my peonies were out in force.  I sent some of them to the lady who sold us the house (she told me when she moved they were her favorite) and put the rest on my mantel.  These ones not only look Oh So Lovely, but they make the entire house smell amazing!   I just added the last of them to the mantel tonight for a final hoora of the season before they are gone.


Now that the peonies are almost done, I am not sure what I will put on the mantel, but what a spring it has been for my flowers!  Summer will bring lavender, sun flowers, and roses, but for the next few weeks the yard will seem green and bare in comparison to the spring of many colors!

Speaking of spring.  My yellow chain tree was an amazing sight through this May.  It was absolutely covered in blossoms! 


Each time I went out there I noticed that the bees were flocking to it like… well, like bees to honey! They LOVED the tree and I am sure the whole yard benefited from the pollinating workers this tree helped bring in.


Hope you all are having an incredible spring!


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Laura said...

I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I read about all the problems you where having with your computer, it was just such a relief to know I'm not the only one. I hope you get it all sorted out soon and I defiantly feel for you.
I love the flowers they look gorgeous on the mantel.

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