Sunday, June 10, 2012

Val - In Real Life


I scored on 40lbs of strawberries for free that were about to turn.  I decided to take them and make as many bags of frozen berries as I could.  To do that, I had to tame the wild destructobaby.  So armed with my Ergo and strawberries as my bait, I set out to get my job finished before he wanted freedom.  My teen took these pictures and I thought they were quite charming… and also, very much what I look like in real life.  Smile

IMG_8079-001    _MG_8081-001

My days are spent wearing my boy so I can get jobs done.  Simple jobs that used to seem to take care of themselves are all very complicated with a young toddler.  I am lucky.  He loves to be in the Ergo and will happily sit there for hours each day as long as I am moving.  Tasks that require stillness (like cutting the tops and spots out of strawberries) are less entertaining and therefore have way less staying power (pun totally intended).  Nonetheless, I got the job done and now have 7 gallon zip locks of yummy strawberries for winter meals.

How do you get things done with toddlers in tow?


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Laura said...

Wow nice score on the berries and some adorable pictures. I don't have kids of my own and am always amazed that my friends with kids get anything done.

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