Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flowers in my garden on a rainy afternoon in June


My garden is bursting with color on all sides.  The peas have started to fruit, giving us another thing to add to the spinach, kale and salad greens we have been eating for the past few weeks.  I have my first green tomato.  But what really sets the June garden apart is the flowers!  And what amazing beautiful flowers they are! 









~ an irish smile said...

Beautiful pictures! Worth framing and displaying on your matel for others to enjoy. =o)

Frannie said...

i'd like to live in your garden today...i need some flower love right now!

Jamie said...

Oh yes, they do look wonderful, Val! I think they look even prettier in person… I love the flower bud in the second to the last photo. The water drops are so clear they make it look like it’s already beginning to bloom. This is also my favorite time of the year! Sometimes, I wish the time when flowers bloom would never end… :)

Jamie Keifer

Laura said...


Unknown said...

what a fabulous job you have done in capturing the beauty of earth, rain from above and how our worlds these

Shona Martinez said...

“My garden is bursting with color on all sides.”--- Oh, and I’d love to see it! This is what I like most when you have your own garden. You have a lovely place that you can visit at any time. Whenever I go to my garden, I really feel like everything around me is so wonderful. I tend to forget all my worries and anxieties. ;) Can you share us more pictures of your garden?

Shona Martinez

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you all. :) I do love this post and my garden very much. It's a rather old post now, but if you look on my 'gardening' tag there are many more pictures. Here's a link. Enjoy!

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