Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thrifting the day away….

There is that magical thing that happens when you have a bit of money and a weekend in which to search for treasures. I have the list I have been compiling for the last few months of our wants and needs.  It consists of everything from ‘décor stuff to paint white’ to ‘Alex needs jeans, 32/36’ and ‘Logan, shoes, size 12’.  This list came with me, along with just the two older kids (the ones that can buckle their own seatbelts) and we headed out.  We went to the Value Village 50% off sale to start off.  Then today we spent garage saleing (sailing?).  We almost got everything off our list in one big week of thrifting!   


This was about half what we got.  We spent a pretty penny, but the list is amazing. 

This car for Luke was $10 and in perfect shape:


This antique rocker is beautiful!  And it as only $5!


And here’s the rest of the list:

  • 3 summer dresses for Cyan (1 brand new for $1!)
  • 2 pairs of jeans for Cyan
  • 3 shirts for Cyan
  • 1 button up shirt for Cyan (red, white, and blue plaid for the 4th)
  • 2 shirts for Logan
  • a pair of jeans for Alex
  • 2 button up shirts for Alex (1 Ralph Lauren and 1 Hollister)
  • 4 pairs of shorts for Alex
  • 5 t-shirts for Alex
  • 2 t-shirts for Don
  • 1 Polo shirt for Don
  • 1 sweater for me
  • a large white casserole with a metal stand
  • two large candle holders (in action below, one holding a ‘4th of July’ bouquet, and the other holding a candle on my mantel to the far left)


  • two metal tin boxes (I plan on painting these white and having them hold the cords to my cameras.  I have been looking for something pretty to fit that job for months!)
  • a large ‘PEACE’ letter sign
  • 2 pairs of Keens, one size 6 1/2 and one size 3 ($.50 each!!!)
  • a pair of garden clogs that had never been worn in size 10 (my size)
  • silver goblet cup for Alex
  • a glass black rose for Alex
  • 5 Pyrex dishes of quite a few colors and sizes (from a collector)
  • 8 Zuzu pets, with accessories 
  • a Chevron car carrier (the truck that carries 4 of the Chevron cars)
  • a large metal box with a handle
  • a small iPod stereo
  • a white bird plate hanger for a friend

Now I won’t be able to do this often this summer, so I tried to get as many things off my list as possible and was careful not to just purchase because it was a good deal. Afterall, it doesn’t save you money that you bought it on sale if you were not going to buy it in the first place. Winking smile

How much was this set of treasures, do you ask?  Well, the grand total for every scrap of this (and more, cuz I know I don’t remember it all) was $156!  As I was compiling the picture I realized that I would have spent that on Alex’s button up shirts and the Keens ALONE if I had bought them new.  And I have saved the earth from all of the trash that would have been created had I decided to purchase these from a factory store instead of from a person secondhand and know one will ever know the difference! 

Happy Thrifting!!


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Angela said...

Love this! What a great score! We have committed to make this the only way we shop for 90% of our purchasing now. I can't quite go there for undergarments and work boots.

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