Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recent harvests and garden stuff


My garden has done beautifully this year!  The only things that are not doing well are the things that really depend on hot weather for maturity… like peppers.  We just harvested all our potatoes out of our free potato bed and we got a lot more than I thought we would.  Logan had SO much fun harvesting those that he asked me if we could plant potatoes every year!  Beets and beans are just coming in, and peas and lettuces are just going out.


This is just a handful of the blueberries we have been getting off of our blueberry hedge across the front of the yard.  I find it amazing that plants that were put in just two months ago have been able to produce so much so quickly! 


The red cabbage is lovely, but we haven’t been able to eat one yet.  This one is the closest to maturity and I think I will harvest this next week.


We have already gotten quite a few ‘new’ onions and we are now set and ready for the main crop to cure. 


Tomatoes are going strong. 


We have only gotten enough for a couple snacks and one meal (above), but there are hundreds that are on the vine still, just waiting for hot days to come.

Sunflowers are EVERYWHERE!  Below is a volunteer that came up in the corn and bean bed and it has about 25 flowers on it right now! 


Isn’t it lovely?  And to think… Mother Nature did this one with no help from me.  Winking smile

More recent harvests:


IMG_1801   IMG_1744

How is everyone’s garden doing this year?



Jennifer said...

Wonderful!! What kind of cabbage and onions are those and when did you plant them? I've had no luck at all w/ either.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I planted all my brassicas in the early spring and they are just now starting to harvest. I am really not sure if bassicas are worth it. lol... I love the taste of home grown anything... but with stuff that takes 5 months to harvest taking up space where zucchini and other things we eat tons of right now could go... well... ;)



Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sorry! I totally didn't answer your first question! The cabbage were labeled 'green cabbage' and the onions were Walla Walla sweets... which, being 150 miles from Walla Walla, they tend to do pretty well although they can rot on this side of the moutians unless planted VERY high in the ground (like almost sitting on the ground). If they are in the ground, they will rot because our ground is always wet. I harvested and cured my onions yesterday and I only lost ONE to rot using the high planting method. I call that a win! :)

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