The greyest summer ever

Seriously?  Oh why, iPhone app, do you get my hopes up so??



Stephanie Booth said...

Oh M'Gosh! I'll trade you! I'm SO tired of 100°+ weather! We're finally coming down to the high 90s... I hope the downward trend continues. At least to the high 70s.

(My DH works in a flour mill... a big metal building... with lots of huge equipment running all day. (No A/C) He literally works in a great big oven, so I'm not the only one thankful for the slowly dropping temps! LOL)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I think we DID trade! It is now 92* here today and not looking to go down by much for the next week. lol... I queued that picture last week when we had literally had three days over 75* all year long. Like in all of 2012! Now we have had two 90* days and I am loving it! We are outside except in the mid day and playing in the water, building a playhouse, and enjoying this beautiful weather! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather we have sent you. ;)



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