Saturday, September 15, 2012

Campout in the Backyard Hideaway

Cyan and Logan camped in the playhouse the other night! 


Cyan is reading Hate that Cat by Sharon Creech.  It’s a wonderful poetry book about a little boy who’s dog passes away and he gets a cat as a replacement.  I highly recommend it to anyone around 10-14.  It’s a very sweet and funny book!


Morning came and before they got up I took them both cups of cocoa just like ‘real’ camping.  They were thrilled!


“Best day ever!!”

Apparently, at least one of the cats was out there with them all night long… keeping them warm.  The cats have taken quite a fancy to the hideaway as well.  For many reasons.


I call this picture “Cat Feeders”.


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Jjtucker said...

The play house looks beautiful! What a difference from just a short time ago. Great job. They look like they're really enjoying it.

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