Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making ricotta and lasagna from scratch

From scratch week started with yogurt (that’s that funny looking blanket covered lump in the background), and ended with bread, and in the middle we had the most amazing lasagna in the world!


Logan and I recently found a source for local milk!  It is not organic so it is a ‘once in a while’ thing, but it was neat to bring all the lovely glass bottles home for our from scratch cheese adventure.

He was invested in the whole process and wanted to do it all himself.  He said we were making ‘moon cheese’ because we were studying the moon and I guess… if you’re 5… a ball of fresh ricotta looks like the moon.


Recipe for Ricotta from Eating From the Ground Up.


See?  Kind of ‘moonlike’.  Smile


To get enough cheese for the lasagna required a TON of self control.  This cheese was so good.  At least two of the kids at all times stood in the kitchen with their mouths open like little birds.  Or, in the case of Alex (16) and NOT so little bird.  lol…  He loved it as much as I did.

We used some fresh made Roasted Tomato Sauce (also part of ‘from scratch week’).  I added about 12 Tbs of whey from the ricotta to help the noodles soften faster as everything we added, including the cheese, was hot.


We all waited the 45 minutes until we could take it out of the oven and serve it up!

It was pretty much the best lasagna I have ever had ever.  Seriously.


I think my very favorite thing about homeschooling is being able to learn along side my kids.  I had never made ricotta before.  We spent the whole day in the kitchen, cooking, chatting, and just being together.  It was a wonderful school day!


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