Thursday, October 4, 2012

Opposites Attract - or - “The story of one scared mama, a fast bike, and a happy man”


My man.  His idea of a good weekend is long motorcycle rides and evenings in front of the tv. Mine is learning to use a miter saw and painting the kitchen.

Lately he has asked me to try to enjoy his hobbies.  This is hard for me to do, as most of them require firearms, fast motorcycles, or video games.  None of which I know anything about besides the bits I have gleaned by osmosis.

It’s very true when they say that opposites attract. 

However, being amazingly in love with the man, I decided to try my hand at the one that took the least time (and required no permits… or bullets).  Last week I went out, and bought myself a motorcycle helmet.

All the kids gathered around as we got ready for our first ride.  It was likely they were waiting for me to scream…. which I never did.  I was a very good, completely terrified, mama.  I saved my screaming for when we first got on the freeway and rounded a corner at 65mph.  (Cuz then, he couldn’t hear me over the ‘exhaust note’ of his bike anyhow.)

I think the pictures that Alex took speak for themselves.




My point exactly.





“Mom, was it fun?” asks my daughter when we get home…

I answered - “It was the second time.”



Cat J B said...

Hehe, you do look somewhat 'tentative', but you did well! My husband has asked the same of me, but golf and computer games are just so far from what Ilike to do. But he also is into rock climbing and that I am happy to do. Well, try to do lol.

Frannie said...

i just read this to my husband and he said....ah, I like this woman! They're just like us!

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