Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playhouse Housewarming S’mores party!

Our summer was spent building a wonderful new hideaway for the kids! 
The kids wanted to share their joy with their friends so I put together a sweet little s’mores party so that everyone could come over and enjoy the playhouse before the fall and cold weather made it harder to play outside.
Cyan set most of it up.  She designed activities for her friends to play and taught everyone how to play ‘Telephone’ and ‘Poop Deck’.  She also set up a little contest and found the prizes for the winners all by herself!
We spent a bunch of the evening making s’mores and trying different sugery combos of cracker, chocolate, and mallow.
 I made sure they had a bunch of options to choose from and was curious what they thought was best.
So far, I think it’s pretty unanimous that the peanut butter cup s’mores with a small marshmallow and honey grahams were the favorite.
The whole party gang!
Now the space is ready for tons of future play!

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