Saturday, November 30, 2013

Advent Activities for 2013!!

Our advent activities are looked on as the most serious of traditions.  My kids wait for the calendar to be put out almost as much as they wait for Christmas morning.  It is a signal for the countdown to Christmas, but it is also a month where we only do basics for school and concentrate on doing crafts, elaborate baking projects, and enjoying lots of family time together!

This year is filled with fun things to do that are a little more subdued than in some years past (2011 comes to mind), but I am so looking forward to being able to watch my kids eyes widen on the days when we do things like Journey to Bethlehem and Breakfast with Santa at the PD.  These are the things memories are made of, and everyone (including me!) look forward to this month each year.  I highly encourage everyone to make this time of year as personal and family based as possible.  As my kids get older I am quickly realizing that my time with them is finite and it won’t be long before I have a few less people to make December plans for, although I hope they have such fond memories of the time that they still come from far and near to enjoy ‘chocolate dipping day’ or ‘family game night’. 

Links where applicable for the most inspiration possible.

  1. Christmas Movie with Caramel Popcorn
  2. Pomander Oranges
  3. Dreidel for Hanukkah with friends
  4. Paper Snowflakes and Stars Crafts
  5. Journey to Bethlehem
  6. St Nickolas day
  7. Breakfast with Santa at the Station
  8. Family Game Night!
  9. Get Christmas Tree
  10. Teasel Hedgehog Crafts
  11. Going to see Santa scuba diving with some sharks at Zoo Lights
  12. Cards and Gifts for Friends
  13. Going to see Paradosi Ballet Company
  14. St Lucia Day (make St Lucia Bread)  (Technically yesterday, but it’s where I can fit it)
  15. Go find some snow at Mt Rainier!
  16. Shopping for Mommy with Daddy
  17. Chocolate dipped treats
  18. Make peg doll nativities
  19. Make gifts for our feathered friends
  20. Christmas Cookies for Neighbors
  21. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt with fresh hot cider
  22. Ice Skating Today!!
  23. Fantasy lights at Sprinker Park
  24. Light a fire and roast s’mores
  25. Open your stocking!!

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Advent Activities 2011 

(2011 is the year we ‘traveled’ around the world for Advent)

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