Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chicken Boy

Here in the Seattle area we have had a nasty cold snap these past few weeks.  Teens or lower at night, high of twenties during the day.  The creek froze over, the tiny bit of snow we got just after Thanksgiving is still on the ground, the grass crunches as you walk on it, and the chicken waterer is frozen all day long, despite the fact that we were bringing it into the house each night.  This isn’t normal at all for us sensitive West Coasters.  So we all got a little stir crazy.  Which meant that as soon (like the HOUR) it started to cloud over and warm up, everyone went outside.  Even the chickens. 


While inside my toddler figured out that he is now big enough to pick up the animals.  My cats were the least happy about this arrangement.  But Luke loves to ‘pick her down’ as he calls it when he dumps our pretty grey cat, unceremoniously into a spot that is not NEAR as cozy as wherever she had decided to nap. 


She has started sleeping in places he can not get too…

like the top of my closet shelves,

or in my kitchen cupboards. 


The puppy is now too big for him to carry… so what is a boy to do?  What could he possibly carry around that wouldn’t avoid him or squirm or be able to jump out of his arms?  Oh yes!  Chickens! 



They don’t seem to mind too much. 



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