Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May The Fourth Be With You!

Star wars day was a celebration like always here in the Rose household.  It started with going to church all decked out in Star Wars shirts.  After we got home we made lunch and started our marathon with Episode 4. 


I had the idea for a get together about a week before, but I wasn’t able to ask anyone until Wednesday or Thursday due to getting a nasty cold.  I am glad my friends are good sports and amazing guests!  They all showed up with themed treats even though they got almost no notice (and one set of friends literally got asked that morning!).  I have AMAZING friends!


The menu consisted of Bantha Milk, Han-burgers, Princess Lays, Boba Fettuccini, and Arti-chewy Dip. 



Even my teenager got into the mood and made ketchup template of the Rebel Symbol!


I am so lucky to know such amazingly fun people.  It was such a fun May the Fourth be with You! 

Happy Star Wars day!!


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