Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More nature notebook

This nature notebook has become a sort of  therapy.  


A way to remember the world is beautiful around me when it just seems like the dark and cloudy, inside my mind and outside of my house, just will not let up.  


I like to log our nature adventures away from anywhere.  Some of these creatures we see in our own back yard, others we see driving through more rural areas, and even others we have found at wildlife parks or the parking lot of a local store.  I love packing them away in a neat little package to admire later when I have some distance and can remember when Logan was excited to see the bird in the parking lot or the moment when we saw three red winged black birds on the drive home from an especially fun Letterboxing hike (I’ll write more about Letterboxing soon).


This one is from the last week in April.  I wait for this week every year.  For when Mother Nature loosens her grip on all of the nutrients that grow everywhere around us and things start to grow that will sustain our human bodies and feed our beautiful souls.  These are Mother Nature’s salad greens.  I spent some time showing the kids (and my friends kids too) where to find them and what they looked like and I just couldn’t help adding it into the nature notebook.  That passion has been ingrained deep in me to find the food for which to feed my babies if the world fails and the grocery isn’t the abundant world of calories.




At this point, it is easy for me to see doing this for years.  Having a collection to come back to and flip through of all of the different animals we have seen and my imaginings of what their homes and spaces look like in each season.  I look forward to collecting many more of these moments!


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