Sunday, October 26, 2014

O is for Owl Week!

2014-10-22 039

The chalk board reflected the theme this morning with a poem about a wise old owl.  As I post this, I realize that I spelled ‘wise’ wrong twice in that poem!  Mommyfail!  Don’t you wish that art had spellcheck like everything else does?  I was rushing to get it done before school started and didn’t even notice!  Haha!  I’ll be able to laugh at this later.  Right?

2014-10-22 007

Sensory table this week is black beans with sticks, acorns, oak leaves, and feathers.  There are small critters tucked in (guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a couple sets of chicks) so the large hooting owl (from Audubon) to snack on.  A magnifying glass finished off the table so he could look up close at the feathers.

2014-10-22 005

Off theme, but still fun and cute, I found these free flash cards to print out and I laminated numbers 1 – 12 so that Luke could play with them.  No formal number learning will be happening this year, but he likes playing with them!

2014-10-22 010

The Montessori tray activity was an owl mask kit from Target.  He LOVED this thing.  I had no idea he would be so into animal dress up!

2014-10-22 016

He wore the mask for hours and after a while he asked for wings!  The only thing I had at the time was a silk but he seemed satisfied.

2014-10-22 019

He decided to make the dog bed into a nest and he was the daddy owl and his little hooting owl was the baby owl….  so cute!  Seriously!

2014-10-22 022

As always, the book basket reflected the theme:

2014-10-22 032

We learned the difference between horned owls and barn owls and he could tell you which was the great horned owl in each book we read or looked through.

2014-10-22 028

The next day we did something we hardly ever do…. it was pouring outside, and so incredibly dark (as it will be for MONTHS now, here outside Seattle), so I ran to the library and brought home a basket full of library movies.  Winged Migration, The Story of the Snowy Owl and Ledged of the Guardians were all watched that day.  And nope, I am not sorry at all!  lol! 

2014-10-23 004

We made popcorn for lunch and watched movies until nap.  The other kids went on and did Math and English after that, but that was the entire last day of O is for Owl week for Luke! 

2014-10-23 011

Sometimes we just got to take a day off and play with our kids!  Smile  And it was a GREAT finish to a long week.  (Don’t you just love that little face??)

I forgot to add…. we started our week with this:


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