Friday, October 17, 2014

P is for Pumpkin Week

2014-10-07 024

P is for Pumpkin Week is our second week in October.  The next two weeks will be B is for Bat and O is for Owl then HALLOWEEN!  Fun dress up and even more fun books are coming!

But first we needed a field trip to the pumpkin patch!  I brought the library book basket with us for on the way and we got to read our pumpkin theme books.

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2014-10-08 053

Luke LOVED the pumpkin patch!  There were three tractors to play on and a whole field of pumpkins to choose from.


I told him he could pick one as big as he could carry… he took me literally and picked the biggest one he could pick up!


He was SO proud of his pumpkin!

On his Montessori tray this week were a few pumpkin activities.  The first was Pumpkin Pie Spice play-dough. I ran out of pumpkin pie spice making it so I added extra cinnamon.  It smelled pretty good!

2014-10-08 048

Next day was a pumpkin life cycle card set from Montessori for Everyone (love that site!)

2014-10-12 010

And the last day of P is for Pumpkin week had a pumpkin printing project.  Luke LOVES this kind of project!  I put this project on thick watercolor paper so that we could make them into Halloween post cards for his little letters he likes to write.  Smile

2014-10-12 017


In his sensory table this week was ‘pumpkin pie’.  Simple oats with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks and measuring utensils.  I added the cute stuffed pumpkin to add charm.  This table made the whole school room smell amazing! 

2014-10-13 019

2014-10-14 015

In other grades around our house: Logan (second grade) was having a science lesson with a pumpkin this week too!  He got to do a pumpkin dissection investigation!  I cut the pumpkin in half and he drew the inside and outside and then estimated how many seeds would be in the pumpkin.  After this, he cleaned the pumpkin out and counted the seeds…. for 45 minutes!  By the time he was done he had a pile of over 300 seeds from this one tiny pumpkin!

2014-10-14 004

Luke and I decided to take advantage of those seeds and while the other kids were finishing their other work, we made them a snack!  It was SO yummy!

2014-10-14 014


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