Monday, October 13, 2014

F is for Farm Week

This week was F is for Farm week!

2014-09-29 012 

It’s pretty easy to find farm activities on our little Urban Homestead… we already collect eggs, build out buildings, harvest from the garden, and care for all sorts of critters.  I needed an easy week, so this fit the bill!

Field trip this week was to Shultz Farm.  Lots of fun chickens and tractors to look at.



This very friendly donkey wanted to smell my camera pretty badly…  tried shoving his nose through the fence to say HI! 

2014-10-07 017

The song was, of course, Old McDonald!  He loves that song, although Old McDonald never has anything but PIGS!  Oink oink!

His Montessori shelf held puzzles this time.

2014-09-29 004

These puzzles are from our collection but they always seem new when put on his Montessori tray shelf.

The library basket reflected our farm theme with a couple fun books along with a few books on farm tractors which went to bed with him:

2014-10-08 054

Our sensory table followed suit.

2014-10-02 018

2014-10-02 016

The bin had been refilled with farina (whole wheat cereal) and made into a little farm field and a John Deer tractor, ready to harvest some little orange pumpkins!  I even got some of the doll house stuff and made a sweet little garden plot to add to the real farm feel.

2014-10-03 002

A note on sensory tables.  Our sensory table is nothing but a under-the-bed storage container filled that is placed on top of a thrifted piano bench.  Beneath this piano bench, there is a bin (I found at a garage sale) that holds a small broom and dust pan.  It is perfect for picking up minor spills from the sensory bin before the dogs eat whatever has hit the floor. 

2014-10-06 008

I like to keep the bin covered and cleaned up as possible because Vader (4.5 mos old GSD) will eat anything that lands in his domain (the floor).

And speaking of eating!  I found some Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese that had farm shapes! 

2014-10-02 004

He LOVED that!

2014-10-02 006

Join us next week, where farm week turns into pumpkin week!


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Rebecca A. Maynard said...

sure they checked it ALL out, some things even multiple times. My husband and I opted to take the lazy river around a few times and take it slow. Then we checked out the water slides with the kids. It was a ton of fun.iron gate

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