Friday, October 10, 2014

S is for Spider Week

2014-09-21 017

On the first day of “S is for Spider” week, Luke came out of his room dressed like this.  He said “I’m King Luke, of the Spiders!” and all day long, King Luke (of the spiders) did fun spider things with us for school.

In his sensory bin, the apple leaves had been replaced with fall leaves, and the glass gem ‘apples’ had been swapped for a small piece of bark where under it lived 6 plastic spiders.  A small, hand held magnifying glass and a few fresh hazelnuts (from our tree) completed the bin.

2014-09-21 011

2014-09-21 013

The magnifying glass was a great addition and he spent quite a bit of time looking at all of the things under the scope while he moved things about.

2014-09-21 025

2014-09-21 030

King Luke (of the spiders) was very happy with this table.  He was at it every day during spider week.  It was a huge hit!

2014-09-21 037

Our field trip was simple this week.  We took a nice long walk to hunt for spiders and webs!  We had to be camouflaged of course, so we got out spider rings and headed out.

2014-09-21 043

The song this week, is of course, the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out!

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,

and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.

2014-10-05 011

We found this sweet ‘itsy bitsy spider’ to sing the song to.  Smile

On his Montessori tray, I had made a few water color sheets into post cards and made a glue-relief spider web on one corner and then let Luke (and Logan) paint them with fall colors.

2014-09-24 004

I think they turned out just beautiful!

2014-09-24 017

The library basket reflected our theme this week as well:

2014-10-08 051

It included a couple of fun videos to watch with Logan (2nd grade) too.

To finish off the theme, we made individual pizzas with ‘spider’ olives! 

2014-09-27 009

It was super simple, just cut one olive into the 8 legs and then another half an olive makes the body.  Add a few to the top of a pita with some sauce and cheese and you have a spider pizza lunch!

2014-09-27 008

2014-09-27 006

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