Thursday, October 9, 2014

A is for Apple Week!

2014-09-13 012

It’s preschool time again!  Another kiddo is ready for some fun school lessons.  For Luke’s first preschool year we are focusing on fun themes and hands-on activities each week. 

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Luke is only 3, so this a maximum of 1 hour per day of things ‘educational’ and even then, they are multi-sensory experiences.  I set up a field trip, a sensory table, a magnet board, and a few Montessori trays for each theme along with maybe one or two traditional learning mediums and often there is a song or a recipe.

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The song for A is for Apple Week is sung to the tune of BINGO:

There is a fruit that grows on trees,

and APPLE is it’s name-o,

a-p-p-l-e, a-p-p-l-e, a-p-p-l-e and APPLE is it’s name-o.

2014-09-13 008

Our field trip was to a friends apple field to pick some apples!

2014-09-13 037

This simple Montessori tray was two green trees made out of cardstock with a dish of pom-pom ‘apples’ to add to the trees as we counted the numbers 1 –12.

2014-09-20 009

2014-09-20 012

The library basket also reflects the theme.

2014-09-20 016

Recipe was a simple Apple Crisp found here:  Apple Crisp

2014-09-20 017

2014-09-20 034

Sensory bin was filled with beans along with sticks, apple leaves off my trees, and little glass gem ‘apples’.

2014-09-13 019

2014-09-13 025

This is the format for “Luke Preschool, age 3” and so far he is LOVING it.  He loves being involved in our school days and enjoys all of the things I have set up for him each school week.  Our themes will follow the seasons but I am trying to be diverse in the letters I use.  He is not ready for real alphabet learning yet, so just touching on the ABCs and singing the ABC song often during our morning school time is all that is included.  The fall list (Sept/Oct) goes as follows:

A is for Apples

S is for Spiders

F is for Farm

P is for Pumpkin

B is for Bat

O is for Owl

Hope you will join us in our fun!!


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