Saturday, December 27, 2014

DIY Burned Wood Christmas Tree ornaments

We really got into wood burning this year.  I can’t tell you how fun this was! 


We used a Dremel Wood Burning Tool (this tool) which I ordered from Amazon (you can get them at craft stores as well, but use your coupons!  Because they are far more expensive.) and I got a set of extra tips like this one.  To work with, at first I used branch pieces I sawed off a fallen branch from the yard.  But soon I bought wooden rounds 2-4 inches like these or these.  They are far cleaner cut and I really enjoyed how they didn’t get my table dirty. 

2014-12-08 007

I was addicted pretty quickly. 

2014-12-08 010

Some of my designs were complex…

2014-12-15 026

2014-12-10 014

Some were super simple:

2014-12-11 009

To look for inspiration, I searched ‘simple line drawings’ in my search engine and spent quite a bit of time copying that.  Then ‘simple snowflakes’ and after a while, I searched for other wood burned inspiration from all kinds of art. 

When I had enough, I took a tiny drill bit and drilled a hole in the top of each round and placed a small eyelet hook into them. 

2014-12-11 003

I put a ribbon through the eyelet and they were all set to hang on the tree!

2014-12-13 010

The kids started wanting to do it too.  It seemed a little complicated to draw with something so hot for the kids, so I had them draw their ideas first and then they used the burner to burn their designs into the rounds. 

2014-12-10 019

2014-12-10 025

2014-12-08 001

I even spent some time burning tiny hearts into large acorns I dried from this fall.  Addictive.  I’m telling you.  And so much fun!

2014-12-10 017

I even drilled a tiny hole in the acorns and put a tiny eyelet hook in them so I could hang them on the tree too.  By the time we put our tree up, we had an entire tree of homemade, handcrafted, incredibly beautiful ornaments.  

2014-12-15 030

(The heart is made from shrunken sweaters that my daughter loved as a little kid.)


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