Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

My nature notebook has turned into an art notebook.  I turn to it all the time.  It is a confidant that knows my deepest thoughts, and also somewhere that I share my new techniques and newest artsy toys (like a pen that holds water for my watercolors!).  It’s become therapy of sorts.  Where I am able to focus my energy onto something fruitful during the darkest moments of the year.  I am very grateful for this outlet. 

2014-12-31 014

My art for tonight focused on everything that has happened this year and all of the dreams for the New Year.  A lot is happening this year!  2015 is filled with promise. 

2014-12-31 019

Our New Year’s celebration was simple.  Smores, apple cider, fire side board games and a movie.  We toasted with the East Coast live at 9pm and then everyone went to bed. 

2014-12-31 028

Don had to work a double shift, so I didn’t get to see him until the next morning:

2014-12-31 007

The first day of this New Year was a vision of this year… sunlight coming through the windows and setting the tone for the day, and for the year.  Lets hope it’s a really good one for all!

Happy New Year, all!


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