Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nature Journal and Art Notebook

Therapy comes in many ways.  For me, this is mine right now.  Dark days lend themselves to dark thoughts, but with this, everything is a little less dark.  For Christmas, I got an incredible huge set of watercolor pencils that I have played with hours each day.

2014-12-28 007

I also got a new multi-media notebook.  One that can handle water better than the regular sketchbooks I normally get.  I couldn’t be happier with it! 

2014-12-30 012

I can get tons of color on the page and it doesn’t bleed into the next pages of the notebook.  Magic, I tell you!

2014-12-28 0102014-12-28 0212014-12-19 0112014-12-26 039

The sky and the trees have been my muse lately.  A clear winter day is a whole different creature than a clear summer day.  The wind is cutting and the sky is so clear you can see both mountain ranges that are usually obscured by clouds or fog or pollen (in the spring, you really cant see through the pollen.  We live in a very fertile space.).   The sky was so clear for the transition from 2014 to 2015 that the cutting 22* weather was worth the view (from a car with heated seats, of course).  Not enough words to describe how incredible I find the simple lines and yet complicated textures of our world.

2014-12-30 010

2014-12-28 014

A few other artsy moments from this last couple weeks:

2014-12-26 027

2014-12-26 033

2014-12-28 003

2014-12-23 006

And my one actual nature journal entry:

2014-12-26 025

We saw this incredible duck in a pond as we drove to the dog park.  I glanced over at a huge pond and in a pond filled with mallards and dully colored female ducks was this striking black and white guy.  In his full tailed tuxedo, this gentleman watched over his flock.  I was struck as I drove by, and although I wasn’t able to sit there and watch him, I got a good enough look to draw him later that afternoon.  What a beautiful creature!


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Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Looking at them is therapy for my winter blahs, thank you for sharing them.

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