Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It’s going to get worse, before it gets better…

This is the last thing anyone wants to hear.  Especially from a medical professional who is supposed to help you get out of pain. 

8 years ago, I brought a beautiful little boy into the world.  My birth was incredible and easy.  It was the first birth I had where I didn’t have MAJOR after effects and blood loss.  Logan was happy, healthy and nearly 10 pounds!  I was thrilled.  But during the birth, I pulled something in my back… and it healed badly, creating a weak spot in my back.  In the last year that spot has turned into a mild annoyance to a regular migraine cause, taking me out of my regular day at least once a month and usually more like once a week. 

When I saw my naturopathic doctor about it, she sent me to a back specialist.  A wonderful, but sometimes cocky, man who specializes in non-forceful corrective chiropractic.  A mix of massage, heat, and slow manipulating joints back where they are supposed to be.  But the first thing he said after our initial exam was ‘it’s going to get worse, before it gets better…” 

That was 9 weeks ago.  For the past 9 weeks I have seen him and two different massage therapists regularly and my life is forever changed.  I have adjusted many things about my life to help my back; the way I wear my bras, the pillow I sleep on, the direction I allow myself to look at the computer…  but most of all, my body is healing.  It was a slow start, and it stopped me from enjoying life for a few weeks.  I have to admit to feeling like I was getting nowhere around week 3 of physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage.  That is the most frustrating thing!  But I had a week of ‘really awful’ followed by a week of ‘incredible progress’ and things have been going smoothly and steadily better and better since then. 


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