Friday, June 19, 2015

The biggest thing that happened in our house this year

2015-06-13 063

There is something that happens when your oldest graduates.  A definite sense or relief along with some bittersweet that can overwhelm you with ‘what-ifs’ easily and without warning. 

2015-06-13 002

2015-06-15 003   2015-06-15 005

2015-06-13 052

A lot of feelings, but mostly, just proud relief.  He’s done with school.  Hopefully the rest of his life will be easier than school was for him.  Already, in the last few days, he has changed.  His entire being was profoundly stressed by schooling.  So many things didn’t seem to have a defined purpose when following the standards for modern education.  It held no meaning that he may use it later, or that he should do it because ‘everyone has to’.  Graduating has taken a huge load of stress off of his shoulders.

2015-06-13 058

He will be entering the Army in August, just weeks after his 19th birthday.  Then the next part of his life will start and we will have one out of the nest.  What an interesting thing to contemplate…

2015-06-06 009


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