Monday, July 27, 2015

Boho Birdy Birthday Party

Someone in my house turned 14 last week!  She loves everything birdy and boho right now so we decided to have a Boho Birdy birthday party!  Gold was the color of the day and crafts were all about taking care of our feathered friends.   
The invitations were simple too, in true boho style.  Gold bird stamps and thick lace and feathers...  classic, simple, and beautiful.
Now, you'd think that a birthday party in July would be a great bet for good weather.  But Cyan has had more bad weather on the days of her parties than my middle son, Logan, who was born in January!

I set up this beautiful outdoor tablescape not realizing that we would have a freak lightning storm just after her party started.  So the whole thing got moved inside (and very few pictures came after that).
Her cake was the easiest cake I've ever made.  It was a beautiful naked cake, with vanilla bean buttercream and peaches I had soaked in peach liquor (that I boiled so there was no alcohol).
We moved it all indoors and the set up was still quite pretty, but nothing like it was outside.
I found an old piece of wood and cut it into a frame and then stapled lace to the back.  I added gold and white twine and tiny wooden clothespins.  On top of that, I added pictures of Cyan through her first 14 years.  I think it turned out quite lovely! 

Our craft was to make a bird feeders out of beautiful tea cups.  However, when we got out there, it was POURING and we were using smelly, flammable glue that I really wanted outside.  We set up a tent, and even then, the rain dumped buckets onto the table!  So what did we do instead?  We went and jumped in the puddles.  It wasn't how I planned it, but it was super fun!  After we were soaked (and our project was ruined) we had cake.  And it was delicious. 
One project survived and it ended up beautiful.
And the food was delicious!  

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