Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015-2016 School Interviews

Our first day of school interviews have quickly become one of my very favorite traditions.  Welcome to our table… have some tea and join in.


Cyan, Age 14


  • Color- Um….. can I have two?  Rusty orange and teal. 
  • Season – Early summer.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Just right.  Like pudding. Um… I think I meant porriage. 
  • Shoe size – 9 1/2 womens
  • Clothing size – womens small and size 4 pants
  • Animal – Zebra slash horse.  I haven’t decided which is my VERY favorite. 
  • Food – Potatoes.  Duh mom.
What would you like to learn this year?
I really want to learn how to breed bunnies.  Obvioulsy.  I like learning about the unique stuff with different breeds.  I kinda want to learn how to be more handy because I am building a bunny hutch and I want to build it and not have it fall over.  Yeah.  That’d be great.  haha….
I want to learn stuff about sickness with the chickens and stuff, because when they have mites I want to get better about treating them and stuff like that…
I want to learn how to show bunnies!  That would be fun!
I think my cake decorating class sounds interesting.  Learning how to make roses and shells and stuff out of frosting is so cool and pretty.  I also want to learn more about horses.  That sounds fun.

Logan – Age 8
  • Color – Gold
  • Season – Winter.  I like snow.
  • Food – I don’t have one.  I have two.  Mac and cheese and pizza.
  • Shoe size – 4
  • Clothes – 8 pants and 8 shirts
  • Animal – Cobra.  I like cobras.  I like how they have the neck flare.
What do you want to learn this year?
I like learning keyboard and I want to learn more about plants and animals and bugs.  And arachnids!!
I want to learn more about the planet.  I want to learn how eclipses happen and how they start.  I know what a lunar eclipse is but not a regular eclipes. 
I think that’s it.

Luke, age 4 -
  • Color- Green
  • Season- Springtime when were plant the plants.
  • Food: Cookies.  Cookies are my favorite snack.
  • Shoes size: 1
  • Clothes: 4 on top and bottom
  • Animal: Horses.  Yup.

What do you want to learn about this year?
I wanna learn about my crafts.  My own crafts.
And flowers.  I like learning about flowers.
Me: How about learning ABCs?
Luke: no
Me: How about cutting with scissors?
Luke: Cookies.  DRAWING A HEART!  I want to draw a heart.  My cookie looks like a spiky rainbow or a dinosaur’s back.
Me: Do you want to learn about dinosaurs?
Luke: Yup.  Mm-hmm.  That’s it.

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