Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Preserving Food– 2015 so far….

Starting with the most recent and going back to July 12th, here are the preservation pictures for 2015

2015-08-28 023

Our larder as of August 28th, 2015.  (With links to recipes and tutorials as needed.)

Top shelf:
Middle shelf:
Bottom shelf: PEACHES!  (Simple syrup and cinnamon)
Baskets:  Onions and Chehalis apples
  • Black = Popcorn
  • Yellow = Beans – Black and pinto
  • Red = Hard red wheat berries
  • Green = Rice – Jasmine and brown
  • Orange = Oatmeal
Bags on top of buckets are Orca and Skagit Valley beans from a friend in Skagit Valley.  YUM!

2015-08-28 021

Our first real apple harvest!  Then last three years we have been working to get rid of the Apple Scab on this tree.  We finally succeeded!  Now we just need to put up Apple Maggot traps…..  because all of these apples will be chopped for sauce due to the Apple Maggots.  Next year!

2015-08-29 015

Making pretty labels for my wonderful stock of canned goods.

2015-08-26 003

Canning 5 boxes of peaches.

2015-08-21 012

Delicious Korean refridgorator pickles.  I need to find a hotter chili pepper, but other than that, the flavor was great!

2015-08-18 094

Tomatoes exploded the end of July.  I have gotten over 70lbs and counting!

2015-08-18 097

This was the day after I finished putting in new countertops and backsplash in the kitchen.  I finished just in time.

2015-08-11 041

2015-08-16 017

I turned all those tomatoes in to roasted tomato sauce.  42 pints so far and I made more today.

2015-08-11 004

Wasn’t a great year for onions, but I got enough to fill half a bushel basket.

2015-08-07 028

Ginger plum sauce with yellow plums, plum jam, blueberry lavender jam, and jalapeno tomato sauce.

2015-08-06 012

Just cuz I could…..

2015-08-05 008

I love my birds.  Collecting eggs never gets old.

2015-08-02 024

Our first successful blueberry harvest!  We got about 8 cups off the two plants.  Researching how to make them SUPER healthy before next season so we can have this success next year as well.

2015-08-02 022

Zucchini, coming out of my ears…..  lemon cucumbers, yellow crookneck squash, pablano peppers, and the first tomatoes. 

2015-07-27 006

2015-07-27 013

Dinner!  So many dinners have come out of the garden.  The joy of having an underscheduled summer.  I got to cook so much!  I love it! 

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