Thursday, April 14, 2016

A walk in my yard on an April morning

Sometimes I just want to sit and marvel at my little, hardworking space.  Neighbors behind, roads all around, and yet, country living at it's finest.  This morning, I looked out the back window as I got back from my walk with a wonder!  Just under the clouds was the piercing sun.  Cutting through the gloom above and sending beams into the bushes at the back of the yard that I can not possibly capture on film with my current skill level.  

Vestiges of yesterdays games with today pollen covering it all.  Moments of utter peace, before humans wake (it was about 6:20 in these shots), but the birds are all up and hard at work. 

The rain has been welcome for the past few days.  The unusually warm days of last week made me nervous and slowed down the growth of my grass and seedlings with it's premature swelter.  

I let the chickens out for the first time in weeks.  The grass is filling in nicely.  The holes are small enough at this point to let the hens go around as long as I am out to shoo them away from the sparse spaces.  They immedetly went for a nice long dust bath under the Service Berry bush where it is always dry.  There are no dusty spots in the run when it rains.  

After their bath, they started flitting around the yard, singing and clucking and pestering each other for every drown worm they found.

I headed to the garden where the apples are all in full, glorious bloom. 

Spring is the season where possibilities seem endless and the bounty already almost good enough to eat... and yet, it rarely pans out that way.  The rain saturates the apple blossom so that the bees can't effect their work, the late frost kills off half the branches on one of my blueberry bushes making the other difficult to pollinate, the chickens get into the garden when I am not working and rip up my new seedlings in the lettuce bed.  

True gardeners know better than to bank on the promises of a warm spring.

And yet....

Spring sure is sweet!



Rita B Caldwell said...

Gorgeous! We're waiting on spring too and I put my first spring hummingbird feeder out this morning. Always on April 15th!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@Rita B Caldwell

Thank you! I have been teaching about hummingbirds to my nature study class lately and I find them fascinating!

Happy Gardening!


Sarah | She Holds Dearly said...

Your photography is amazing, what a lovely post. I felt so peaceful reading it.

Val in the Rose Garden said...


Thank you, Darling! Can you tell I am in love with my new camera!?!


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