Friday, September 8, 2017

2017-2018 School Interviews

Each year, on the first day of school, I interview my kids.  I ask the same questions so that I can look back on previous years and see how they change and grow.  It is a favorite tradition of mine and I look forward to it at the close of summer every year. 

Luke - Age 6
Favorites: Color - Green and gold.  Well, every color except white
Food - hot dogs and quesadillas
Animal - Tiger, Bengal Tiger
Season - Springtime, I like it just warm
Music - the music on Just Dance - Scream & Shout by Will-I-Am

What do you want to learn this year?
I want to go to the zoo.  I love the zoo.  The zoo is my daddy... hahahahahaha!  
What I really want to do is play Just Dance because it is really fun, it's really fun.  One other of my favorite musics is the Minecraft Station.  I love that one.  Sometimes I hum it and sing it.
(We were in a very silly mood this day.)

Logan - age 10
Favorites: Color - Purple
Food - Chicago style pizza with stuffed crust
Animal- Cats, but and small.  Or a raccoon.
Season - Winter.  I like snow.
Music - Hat Trick by Jonathan Thulin

What do you want to learn this year?
The thing I want to learn is to make your own You Tube channel and how to get a G-Mail account to make skins for Minecraft.  Yeah.  That's what I really want to learn.
Also how to make desserts and pastries, I've only made one dessert before, beside cookies.  It was a cake.  Oh! Oh!  I've made three - cupcakes.  I forgot about cupcakes.  I really want to cook.  I like cooking.
I like nature study.  The only part I am really excited about is drawing.  Looking up facts I don't know already is hard, and not as fun.  But the drawing is fun!  
Um... donuts?  Did you put that down?

Cyan - age 16
Favorites: Color - Orange, rusty orange
Food - Potatoes, duh
Animal - red panda, oh and a dog
Season - Late spring, I love late spring!
Music - Showtunes, Musicals, really into 60-70s music right now

What do you want to learn this year?
I really want to catch up in math.  I'm almost there.  I want to keep getting better in singing and maybe dance because I know if I want to pursue musical theater I need to do some more dance.
I want to bea a teacher but I want to be a preschool teacher and I already do that so I don't know.  I am not sure what I want to do.  All I really know is I want to be a farmer.
I want to learn more about history.  Like, I knew about Mt St Helen's but when I looked it up there was so much more I didn't know!  And I know about the Romonov's but I want to know more.  There were things about Mt St Helen's that I had never even thought of.  Like how all the ice melted and ran down the mountain.  Just so many things!  I didn't even think about that before!  And I had no idea there were two eruptions.  I really enjoyed going deeper into it...  I loved (the movie) when they brought people in and told their own stories.  It really made it real to me.  I'd like to watch more documentaries like that.  They really make (history) super interesting.  They are fun to watch.
I am looking forward to having a job and working more.  I am having a lot of fun working.  I want to get a summer job next year or something....  

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