Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017 - Hogwarts Edition

A Hogwarts Halloween!  We love fantasy and this series is so beautifully written that I have read it several times.  This year we allowed the kids to watch the first couple movies of Harry Potter and Logan was hooked.  So we all decided to have a Hogwarts Halloween!  
This owl costume caused a bit of controversy.  Just days before Halloween, Luke watched a Wild Kratts on Snowy Owls and discovered that the boy Snowy Owls are not speckled like Hedwig, Harry's owl from the movies.  In fact, Hedwig was a girl.  So about half way through the making of this costume, he changed his mind and wanted to be pure white.  "Because I'm a boy!"  Can't argue with that...  ;) 
It took some doing but by the end of the week we had a beautiful boy snowy owl costume.
We all chose the Hogwart's House that fit us best.  Cyan, with all her many animals and plant loves, chose Hufflepuff!
Logan, my extrovert warrior, chose Gryffindor!
We all had a great time trick-or-treating with friends and handing out candy!


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