Saturday, February 29, 2020

Peter Pan Party

I am pretty sure Peter Pan is more of a mother's dream than a boys dream.  Staying little forever isn't either one of my boys dream life.  Haha!  But this party was perfect for this sweet face!

The door was decorated with Lost Boy Rules and a few special Neverland embellishments.   

The table was set up with a map of Neverland, a lantern with a tiny fairy trying to get out, and treats in all sorts of pirate and Lost Boys styles for our little Lost Boys to snack on during the party.

In the school room I made a huge tree house out of refrigerator boxes and the kids got to play in it between snacking, games, and crafts.  

Speaking of games, the kids played Red Rover and Poop Deck outside to run off all the sugar of the snacks.  Capitan Hook (Logan) was assigned to over see the games.  

The craft was painting the treasure chests that they we put their favors into.  They had tons of fun picking out their own colors and everything.

I thought they did a beautiful job!

We filled the painted boxes with a thimble, an acorn, a bag of gold chocolate coins, a very cool compass and a bottle of pixie dust, all tucked in with a beautiful feather from Peter Pan's cap!


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