Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hannah's Bachelorette Weekend

As the girls were growing up, we always joked that they would all be in each others weddings...  well it finally happened.  14 years of friendship, through everything, thick and thin, and this August one of them is finally getting married!  My daughter and her friend planned out the Bachelorette Weekend and they and I traveled to the beach house with them to help with all the setting up.  On my way, I grabbed some sweet treats to welcome the girls into the house.

We decorated the beach house with all shades of peach, pink, and white.  

Of course, I had to bring a bunch of flowers from the garden brighten up the the sweet spaces like the master bathroom, master bedroom, and the tables.

Then we created a photo wall for the girls to have fun with.  

And Cyan, the Maid of Honor, brought a bunch of balloons!

These sweet, huge tissue paper flowers were placed everywhere along with some beautiful greenery to make the entire place lively and bright!

The bride got her own room, of course, and we got to spend a while making it a splendid spot for her 
to stay.


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