Sunday, December 27, 2020

Advent List 2020

This year started just like any other...  

In the attempt to make things as normal for my children as possible, I have decided to go all out with Advent Activities this year, COVID style.

The Advent Activities are a prized tradition in our household.  They are waited for all year and even my adult children like to get in on the action.  This year proved to be a bit of a challange when coming up with 24 family activities.  My daughter has a full time job, my husbands job is more stressful than ever, and most of the activities that we usually enjoy are canceled... but I decided to rise to the occasion and see if I couldn't finish out this year as good as it started (instead of all the garbage in the middle).

Advent Activities 2020

12/1 Getting our chocolate calendars and watching Elf (a December 1st Tradition!)
12/2 Getting our tree and making our yearly ornament

12/3 Making Cocoa Bombs

12/4 Making some ornaments for the birds
12/5 Put out  your shoes for St Nick

12/6 St Nicholas Day!
12/7 Winter Lantern craft
12/8 Making personal pizza and watching It's a Wonderful Life
12/9 Salt Crystal Snowflake 
12/10 Special Chocolate (mom teaches this day)
12/11 Waldorf style stained glass window stars

12/12 Gingerbread Houses

12/13 Fantasy Lights

12/14 Baking Orange Bread (For Saint Lucia's Day)

12/15 Shopping for siblings
12/16 Zoo Lights with Hot Cocoa
12/17 Grow A Tree activity
12/18 Game Night!
12/19 Drive-Through Nativity

12/20 Shop for mom & Dad
12/21 Christmas Light Scavneger Hunt
12/22 Caroling!
12/23 Cookies and gifts for neighbors
12/24 Create an Advent Tree

Sometimes we don’t do them all but it’s always fun to try!  


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