Monday, January 18, 2021

Winter Nature Study

Winter nature study

Lots of masked field trips or going to less crowded areas like lakes and walks.  2020 winter nature study has been an exercise in finding things close by to go to and making up our own field trips.  No Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts....  no nature clubs or co-op field trips.  This year has been a whole new animal.  

One thing we did do was take the drive-through trip through NW Trek.  This year they opened it up to personal vehicles to do the tour.  It was a wonderful day to watch for wildlife!

Afterwards we got to go into the park, masked, and do the walk through things.  Less animals out this time of year but we got to watch the black bears poke out of their cave under a tree, and that was thrilling.  :)

We also followed quite a bit of the Handbook of Nature Study for our Nature Study books.  I hear they are coming out with a new version with color photos and I can't wait!  This is our most used book in our library by quite a bit.  Getting a version with color would be incredible!

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