Friday, September 28, 2007

Garden Photos

Yellow tomato... isn't it interesting? I planted five different colors this year. Both the purples haven't produced a single purple tomato. The pink has given off a couple, but the yellow has been my most prolific tomato of them all... out producing the three reds easily at every turn (although with only one yellow and three reds I have been using the more traditional color in the food most often).

Sunflowers. They are a joy every single year. I couldn't imagine why I wanted them in my first garden, but I got free red sunflower seeds and now, 5 years later, I just can't imagine my garden without a slew of these 7 ft tall beauties every summer.

This is my first Pineapple Sage flower. A couple years ago I decorated the Thanksgiving table with them. They are just stunning when they start to pop out... beautiful red trumpets. I always thought that these would attract butterflies, but alas, it blooms too late in the season.

Garlic Chive flowers. Arn't they pretty.

And my best garden friend... the Mason Bee. They polinate 5 times more than the average honey bee and therefore they make my garden very happy.



Lizz said...

Lovely garden pics!

I think you have an imposter there. Either a Syrphid Fly, Drone Fly or a form of Bee Fly. This sit has good pictures

A funny thing the Mason Bees here do a number on the cob buildings. We could call them Cob Bees!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Your right! Its a Syrphid Fly... do they collect pollen? Why were they hanging around my sunflowers? Do you know?


Lizz said...

Hey Val~

I think the bee imitators are as important to your garden if not more so. There are so many too, did you see how many look like bees? They have their protection with their disguise.

Ter said...

Love your garden photos...

a couple questions for you, if you don't mind...

1) what kinds of veggies/plants need to be planted in the fall?

2) and how do you store your veggies? I have been wondering if some of my veggies even need to be in the veggie crisper of the refridgerator... mostly because it's too small to house all the veggies I love to eat in the summer/fall time. Next week is the last weekend for the Farmer's Market, so I might stock up on a few veggies.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I get things like winter squash and store them in my garage. Out of the elements but still colder than in the house. Potatoes, onions, garlic... all that gets stored out there. Along with all my canned goods. It has never frozen, although it does get cold... and they are gone by the next summer when it gets hotter in there than in the insliated house.


Oh and for fall planting, I have planted cilantro, kale, swiss chard, lettuce, mesclin greens, and peas. All of which should give some yeilds before the first frost and some of which will last all winter.


Ter said...

thanks! :)

froghair said...

So *that's* what a pineapple flower looks like! Lovely! Husband brought one home from the vegetable plant sale, and it has grown nicely, but we haven't seen any flowers yet. Thanks!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It is a Pineapple Sage flower yes. The stuff is so nice I get at least one plant each year. I just adore everything about it... they get prettier... I am sure I will have more pictures of them. :)


S said...

lovely garden pics and good to know about the kale and chard. I'm hoping we get to our new place soon enough to plant some. We eat kale like crazy here. The garlic chive flowers are so pretty, reminds me of the star of Bethlehem flowers that pop out in the spring around here.

Dominick said...

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