Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Backyard visitor

This little one hasn't been the only backyard visitor this week. We have had two Stellar Jays, Robins, a TON of chickadees, a few Bushtits (not nearly as many as a month ago however), a few Juncos, and some birds I can't identify that are brown grey, with stripes on their heads.

It is neat to see the Blue Jays come back with the Robins.

About 6 years ago, my family cat Julian (who passed last summer at the ripe old age of 18) was the unfortunate cat who lived under the hedge of a couple of nesting Blue Jays. They would squawk and dive at his head endlessly until he would go back into the house. It wasn't just a one way affair though. If they let up on their air raid drills, he would stalk their tree, and they would skillfully hop from branch to branch, just ahead of him, until the old cat would give up the chase and go find some quiet place to sleep. Then, you would see him, trying to sleep on a backyard lounge chair, the Jays sitting above him in a tree, watching, and taking turns to dive bomb the cat, until he left the area entirely. It really was quite comical for on-lookers. Especially those who knew the playful (and mischievous) nature of this particular cat. He was loud (Siamese mix), and loved to play up until his much older years... he would let the kids drag him around for hours. It didn't matter... as long as he was the center of attention, he was happy.


Brie said...

Do you know where I can look up bird names online?
LOL I watched a bird attack a snake the other day...all the way across the road...don't mess with mama bird!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Wow... that would be cool to see...

What I have done is Googled it... but I always end up calling my friend Jessica (and her bird watching dh David) who lets me know what the birds I get pictures of are... I know the big ones... the little ones sometimes totally stump me... So I sort of cheat. ;)


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