Friday, October 17, 2008

Can you see the steam coming out of my ears?

Lets just say, Murphy took over the week.

Cut on the bottom of my foot from glass from second broken snow globe.

More vomit from prescribed medication to the point where we are going to get her a liquid version.

Oh and I failed to mention the reason the kids got the new snow globes in the first place is that Cyan's entire armoire fell on her with her beautiful snow globe on top of it... smashing into her carpet and all over her clothes which came out of the armiore as it fell... we found some more of that glass this morning, while doing laundry. In my foot (twice) and then in Don's thumb. Luckily the doors were open, so she was not badly hurt, but.... how to put this delicately... she was a whiny mess before.



Katie said...

WHOA Val, that stinks! I am hoping Saturday is better for you & the family!

Anonymous said...

Dang, you guys havent had the best of luck lately. Stop touching things!! LOL!! :)

Dawn said...

How frightening! I'm glad she's okay.

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