Monday, January 12, 2009

So frusterating!

One of the many lessons I have to learn I guess. I have had a really hard week. Logan broke my camera lens. I have another, but it is a distance lens so very hard to use inside. In fact, the pictures in the last post were taken with it and I had to stand on a 3 ft stool to make the lens focus on the invites. Not a humongous deal, but it sucks. Then the toilet thing. That was the next day. And then I decided to pamper myself and go and get my hair done. Yeah. The woman that I got was, I am sure, wonderful. But she didn't speak English very well and communication was broken down to the point where I have orange hair. ORANGE. I haven't died my hair in 9 years. I usually just did it myself at home when I did do it. This is my first salon coloring experience. And I will never get another one. It is terrible people. Embarrassing, and awful. I am going to call another place to see if I can get it fixed. But I don't know if it can be fixed. It may just have to grow out.

I have reached one of those places where I don't think I am a very fun person to be around. I complain all the time because it seems like the world is crashing down. And then I feel like crap about it because when I look at it with my Aquarian brain, I know it is not. My life is really good. I have all the things I need to be happy... but I keep getting myself into situations where I am not happy. It doesn't feel like that is all me... can I control someone doing my hair wrong? Or that my toddler broke my last hobby tool? But at the same time I don't know. I just don't know. I am in a bad place. And it sucks.


Jenny said...

Hang in there! The best fix I know for a bad hair color is to dye it darker. Not sure if that's what you want but it's what I had to do once.

Anonymous said...

Hi Val - I got my hair dyed for the first time at Jean Juarez - you'd think that'd be safe huh? they charge an arm and a leg - it ended up orange too! Jenny is right - I went back and they said the only thing they could do was dye darker over it. I have never gone back either! Hang in there - you have a right to be down, but don't stay there. It'll get better.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Well dying it dark would be the only way to go considering it is PLATNOM blonde tinged very orange. It is so bad. When it is all fixed, I will post a pic of befores and afters. Omg... it sucks. But I have talked with two friends who really made me feel better about it... or at least made me laugh.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I am the second from the RT (the really tall one. I am barefoot in this pic, holding my shoes behind Sarah. lol!):

That was my hair. Now it is platnom bleach blonde tinged orange. So bad. Grrr...


Anonymous said...

i'm in the same bad place you are right now, but know it will get better :) i am hoping soon!!!
i love the owl invitations - owls are my favorites, sooo cute!!
know i had orange hair too, and after 4-5 days of washing, it actually came out to the color i wanted...i'll hope that happens for you too...

erika~ the inspired mama said...

hmmm, are you getting tired of me randomly popping in here and leaving comments with links, lol! i swear each time i visit you have blogged about something that i have totally been feeling! :)

okay, so this time i thought i'd share a pic of my last baaaddd hair color nightmare. mine was in october just the day before we had professional pics taken :( and of course EVERYONE feels the need to point it out when they see the pics. I KNOW, my hair was the same color as the autumn leaves, enough already!!!! here is a link::
i am pretty crazy with my hair anyway, but this a bit much. one good thing... red fades FAST! hopefully it is the same for orange ;)


Nessa said...


I have been reading you blog for some time now. I found you from a good friend of mine that has you as a favorite. Ii refreshes my mind to know that there are other mothers out there dealing with day to day trails with the home, kids, husbands etc. I too have become more sensitive when things are not going my way or even the right way. As far as hair cuts, well I almost have given up on them because I always have to fix my husband's, mine and my kid's hair when we get home. It's harder to get quality sometimes. Good Luck and I hope you make it through this time. I am sure spring will bring more happiness and freedom!


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