Friday, February 20, 2009

Such a good movie!

Joss Whedon is a huge fav of mine:

Although I am not into Buffy or Angel... Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long blog is just fabulous!

Honestly, the world in this movie just makes sense. It is supposed to be thousands of years in the future. Everyone can speak Chinese and English fluently, and they occasionally swing their curse words from both languages. Which makes TONS of sense considering they are two of the top four most used languages in the world today. And that is just the tip of what he thought of. The show "Firefly" came first, but they only made it through one season... and I own the entire season. Of course. The movie came after the show failed... and apparently it kinda broke Joss's heart to see it dive. Which sucks... because that man has quite the mind for this stuff.

Anyhow... on this Friday night without my husband, I watched this movie, drank a cup of tea, and ate some fried rice by myself... and it was wonderful. :)


Anonymous said...

Firefly fan here as well - and I own it too. I'll have to take a peek at what you have here...but not right now; my final class is today for my extension course at UC Davis. :)

Katie said...

Val I love that series & the movie!
I wish it was still on!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE the series and movie--have both. We actually just finished rewatching the series recently. Have you seen his new show, Dollhouse? It's interesting, though not the caliber of Firefly.

Glad you're all feeling better--I haven't been reading blogs lately and missed that you were all so sick.

S said...

I love Joss too although I'm a huge fan of Buffy and Angel. My parents are huge fans too and keep telling me to watch serenity and firefly. We just started watching Dollhouse, have you seen this yet? It's the newest from him. Pretty good so far!

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