Sunday, April 19, 2009

16/52 ~ Searching for a home with Google Maps

I have spent more time in the last three weeks on Google Maps and Google Earth than I can even tell you. Basically, my house buying strategy is this:

#1: Find house that looks good on Windermere Real Estate website.

#2: Put it into Google Earth to see where the sun lies on the property so I know if I can garden in that space or not.

#3: Put the address into Google Maps to see if I can pull up a 'street view'. If I can, look around the neighborhood via the internet.

#4: Put the address into Google Maps directions so I can add it to our next outings and we can drive by and look at the house.

It sounds like a good system doesn't it? But so far, we have looked at about 25 houses this way and I am starting to feel really overwhelmed. That is a LOT of driving and a lot of area covered and I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg yet. I just want something to jump out at me. Like when Don and I got together... when I knew... I just KNEW and we have been that way ever since. No wavering in that faith that we were meant to be put here together for this lifetime. I want that kind of security. That kind of surety. Do you get that with a house?


SewPaula said...

It can happen, but it's harder when you have a detailed set of criteria. We bought our second home practically from the curb because it had a huge front porch and I could see giant oaks in the back. When we went inside, we found it had practically everything else we wanted too. I cried buckets when we moved away for dh's job. The house we have now is nice and fits most of our needs (except the yard is impractical for gardening vegetables), but it isn't my dream home.

Good luck with the house hunt -- I hope you find your dream home!

Anonymous said...

When we bought this house, we had looked at SO MANY homes! They were all in wierd layouts or too small. This house wasnt even on the market when our realtor said she had a friend who was thinking about selling her house. She said it needed some work (that was an understatement) but that the bones were good and it had a huge yard. As soon as we drove up, we knew it was the house for us and we hadnt even seen the inside yet. The layout was perfect and there was room for us to grow in this house. The yard was perfect for whatever activities we could conjure up too. The realtor asked her friend what she wanted for it and we paid that price without negotiations! We moved in after 30 days.

So you do "just know" when you see a house without going in it that you like it and possibly want it. I cant put a number as to how many homes we looked at until we saw this one. It just all feels right when you find it.

..and its one reason we were having a hard time deciding whether to move or not. You dont find homes this size with a lot this size for what we owe. Its hard to sell a house you love.

Dina said...

yes, it can happen...I was lucky enough to get it with this house :)

good luck, Val - it will come across your path!!

Unknown said...

Hi Val,
Thanks so much for reading flipflops and applesauce. I have been enjoying perusing your blog!
Your pictures are beautiful!
I hope you find the perfect home soon.

Nessa said...


I also believe that you will find your home or actually it will find you. The looking and research is a lot of work, just take it a day at a time. Don't get frustrated and then just take the first home that seems easiest. You will know the home for you as soon as you see it. I am sure it's out there just waiting for you.

This is coming from a former compulsive buyer. The house I am in now I am having problems calling "home". My dream home and garden is waiting for me somewhere too.


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