Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preserving Food ~ Frozen Grapes

You may remember from this post that frozen organic grapes are a good Fast Food for Foodies. Well, If you were ever wondering when 'grape season' is, it is now. LOL! Organic grapes are at an all time low of $1.19/lb and I bought 10lbs to freeze. They are from CA too, which isn't exactly local (like at all) but it isn't Chili either. First, we washed them (because even the organic grapes get residue on them) and then we took them off the stalks and put them onto a baking sheet.

We put the baking sheet as stably as we can in the freezer, and leave for 2 hours. (There was another one balanced between the two top baskets for the same two hours. I was worried about it the whole time... but all was well. :) I only lost two grapes to the depths of my freezer... I consider that a win.)

After they are sufficiently frozen, I take them off the sheets and put them in baggies like this.

This is less than half of them. More to come!

They get tucked right in along with my frozen strawberries and cloud berries (which are also in season) and then I have them for those scorching days we have been having as a cool-off snack for my kiddos.




simply patti said...

Bookmarked 'ya, babe! So good to reconnect and missed 'ya dearly...


Anonymous said...

Yes, grape season is in FULL swing here in California! My mom has MILLIONS of them right now on her vines and she is due to move out of her house in a week so we are going to be grape-picking fools soon!! :)

I have to ask though, why bother putting them on a tray in the freezer and then in the baggies? We just put ours straight in baggies and freeze.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hey Beth... For me, they stuck together and the skins came off. That is why I put them on the trays before freezing. Do yours not do that? I guess if you have organic grapes from your mom, then you could just drop them dry into the baggies and they wouldn’t stick together. ;) I always ask the same thing about other people doing that with raspberries… but then I have to think… I have organic raspberries in my yard, so I don’t have to because I don’t worry about washing them… lol!


PS Good to see you Patti!!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Those look so yummy!! Your kiddos are so lucky to have such great healthy treats!

Brie said...

Yum!! My kids have already finished off one bag of grapes out of the freezer..barely got them in there!

Wählen Sie Ihr Gift said...

You know, I think this has to be the most perfect idea ever. We too live in WA and are taken by the heat. Since we don't have air conditioning my kids and I thought we would try this. OH MY GOODNESS.... My kids were so funny while eating the first few frozen grapes. Very animated about their new found love. AHAHA Anyways. thank you for all your wonderful ideas. They really do come in handy

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I am so glad your kiddos are enjoying them!! Logan and I just got done with a bowl and they really are refreshing on these types of days. They just taste so perfect in this heat. :)

Another thing we do is frozen organic yogurt squeezies... like gogurt, but without the crap in them. That is another thing we have had today... and another winner with my kiddos every summer.

Keep cool! :)


Katie said...

Looks good...it is so humid here, what a perfect hot weather treat!

Sarah said...

I still haven't done this but Hannah informed me that she had some at your house for snack the other day and they were 'FANTASTIC'!

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