Monday, June 7, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

I cook. I cook A LOT. So I find it natural to teach my children as many things as I can from the kitchen. Lately, I have been blessed with kids that are gung-ho for food as much as I am. Even Logan has been asking me if he can help with dinner. I love that he has the desire to cook with me, and that age old tale is true... kids DO want to eat what they cook. Even if they wouldn't touch it if you just put it in front of them. The last couple weeks of local living has turned my toddler from a 'not a chance, make a gag face' kid into a 'hmmmm... I need to try another one. Just to make sure' kid and I LOVE it!

On top of that, he is learning how to use a knife. At 3. This brings a surge of joy to my heart!

This morning I got a special treat. My oldest son made applesauce pancakes from scratch. Then he discovered that we were out of syrup... and so, he looked up a syrup recipe on the computer, and he made some of that from scratch too. I was amazed and shocked that he even THOUGHT of that, much less did it. Don said "I would have chucked the whole deal and said "Heck, we're goin' out!" lol!

I was so impressed with his problem solving skills AND his cooking, that I wanted to shout to the roof-tops! "What an amazing young man I have!"

All of us have been pretty obsessed with food this season. Our vacation had so much food knowledge packed into it that I was ready for the season before I even got home. We have been studying each state in turn, starting with the Pacific States and now moving inland to Idaho and Montana. I have found a recipe for each state and the kids cook it that evening with minimal guidance from me.

(Here is a link to our studies so far, and the recipes that are included.)

It not only amazes me that they can do this, but somehow, it is reaffirming what we are learning in homeschool and they are remembering TONS more than they would without that dip into the food culture. Food is such a gift. Such an incredible gift to be shared and honored and loved.

Tonight we are making Tillamook macaroni and cheese cheese cheese... with cheese we brought home from the Tillamook factory. I hope you all enjoy sitting around the table to a wonderfully homemade creation tonight.




Shirley said...

You are brave! :)

Anna said...

Your son is amazing. How many teenagers would make applesauce pancakes and syrup from scratch?! Oh, I'm hoping mine do that when they are older.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Anna! I think so too. :)

ColorSlut said...

I love to cook as well - and it came from my father. You are teaching your children such a good tool that they will have forever. And as they grow they will think of you while in the kitchen.

Your son is amazing. AMAZING. Goodness I wouldn't have thought to do that.

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