Tuesday, June 7, 2011

in & out gardening

I have this plant.  It’s a plant my dad gave me so I have felt compelled to keep it for the last 4 years or so.  It grows really really slowly, and doesn’t really do anything but grow this long, leafy stalk.  Last week I went into the laundry room, where this plant lives, and found these:


I thought: “Hmmmm… it hasn’t done that before” and over the next few days I watched it.  Today those little wax looking things look like this:


How cool is that?  I haven’t ever been well versed on indoor plants.  Philodendron is just about the only one I remember.  Does anyone know what this is?


Outside gardening is going really well.  There is a bunch of work to be done but ‘Operation Plant Garden’ is finished. 

Here is the walk through for May 29th:

Here is our fairy garden:


And our onion starts:


Zucchini baby:


Viola babies (with beans behind):


And a strange flowering at the top of my Rhododendron:


This flowering graft (I am guessing it’s a graft, it isn’t another plant) showed up this year for the first time.  The flowers of the main bush are white and bloom early.  The flowers of the graft are pink and bloom mid season. 

Right now it looks like this:


I learn something every year from my sweet little spot on this planet.

Happy Gardening!



WolfLakeFarm said...

Your plant is a Hoya!


Silver Sisters said...

My dad had one of those plants. The flowers were like plastic and I find them infinitely creepy. One of many very distinct childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. You plant your food in mulch? What do you use to keep the weeds away? Do you just pull them or do you have something you use?

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