Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monster Party Video

The kids and I have been planning the upcoming birthday parties. Cyan's is having a fairy garden party next month and there has been tons of talk about d├ęcor, crafts, and fun ideas. 

Not to be over shadowed however, while crafting and searching ideas Logan decided that he wanted a monster party for his 5th birthday party… in January. I decided to humor him (really, what's the harm of putting “Monster Party” in Google?) and wow! What a lot of adorable monster party ideas there are!

When sifting through the tons of ideas I found this:

Sarah's Perfect Rainbow Monster Party

How cute is that???  Anyone remember my midnight knitting project?  All they needed were little feet and fangs!  I decided as soon as I saw this that I was making a monster for each of our guests and I was very glad we were planning so far ahead! The ‘adopt a monster’ basket was just TOO cute!

And then we saw this:

Monsters On Parade Video

COMPLETELY inspired, Alex and Cyan made this in the next hour or so with my camera:

Kids, Cameras, and knit balls make for good videos

I was so seriously impressed that I may have them make another one when I get the monsters finished!  :)  It's adorable and I can't believe it's their first one. 




Nessa said...

That was so adorable and impressive! I can't wait to show the kids. They will love it. Your children are so artistic. ;o)

Erika said...

LOL!! That was hysterical! It totally made my day. You have some very talented kids, there, lady! My girls have been on me to make more knitted this will amplify that need. I cannot wait to show them. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

What did they do? Just take still shots and put them altogether to make the movie? Very cute! :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you! I was SO impressed! We watched that other video and then they decided that while I was grocery shopping they were going to make one. So I handed them my old camera and said 'go for it' and walked out the door. Those are not my feet. Those are Cyan's feet in my shoes. lol!

Yes Beth, it's 569 pictures all put together. I did the music of course, but they did the rest. They even helped edit a bit. It was really really impressive. My kids learning curve just explodes in the summer time! (Whether the weather knows it's summer or not... :P Currently it's pouring and about 55*)



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